Rigrun Europe Ltd provides delegates with a working knowledge of reset relief valves used in the oil/gas industry. Parts, maintenance, repair, testing and procedures are all covered in our popular informative one day course.

The course starts with an introduction to the various common types of OEM reset relief valves used in oil and gas industry including learning about typical construction, applications and valve pressure ratings. The function and working operations of all parts is explained by our experienced valve engineers. This popular course has been running since 2000 and is continually being updated and improved.

Rigrun Europe Ltd’s course is designed for all experience levels and the positive affirmations from participants are the reason for the courses ever growing popularity. Participants are given a written multiple choice test to ensure they have fully understood, both the theory and practical components required to achieve a competency certificate in reset relief valves.

The course content (theory 25%, practical 75%):

  • Valve model and component familiarisation
  • Practical demonstration of valve strip down and component identification
  • In depth component location including where wear and damage can occur during use
  • Demonstration of valve rebuild using the correct procedures
  • Delegate will strip and rebuild as per demonstration under supervision
  • Demonstration of re-calibration
  • Multiple choice test
  • A competency certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.