Inspection, Service & Load Test

Brimmond Group can provide onsite and offshore engineers for six monthly, annual and 5-yearly crane service, inspection and load testing. Our trained inspection engineers collect all relevant certification and maintenance information on the equipment to review. A detailed check-list is used by our engineers to thoroughly inspect all aspects of the equipment. The crane and HPU's electrical and hydraulic system is fully investigated and tested to ensure all appropriately set-up with any required remedial repairs carried out at time of inspection. Once complete a final load test can be performed using calibrated equipment. Brimmond Group can provide all the necessary calibrated instruments, including test weights and water bags.

  • Six monthly, annual and 5-yearly crane service, inspection
  • Crane load testing – various knuckle boom crane static and dynamic load tests, preformed to client or Brimmond Group specified standards, such as DNV 2.22
  • Winch load testing – in accordance with client or Brimmond Group specified standards
  • Onsite fluid cleanliness testing - We have particle analysers, chemical analysis kits and inline contamination monitors. We also have the capability to clean the system fluid and provide a fluid cleanliness report once complete
  • Marine Crane and Hydraulic power units – checking, adjusting and correctly setting flows and pressures

Onsite/Offshore Repair & Upgrades

Brimmond Group engineers carry out short notice urgent required onsite/offshore troubleshooting, diagnose and repairs. Our experience personnel have the ability to onsite repair/upgrade a diverse and ever-increasing range of marine cranes and associated equipment. Brimmond Group's trained engineers review the status and collect all relevant information on the equipment including discussing with the operators the problem and requirement. Our structured procedures together with our experience onsite ensure for an efficient accurate pinpointed fault diagnose and repair. A full detailed engineers report is issued after visit which can include suggestions for future upgrade and repair of the equipment.

  • Offering short notice urgent required onsite/offshore troubleshooting, diagnose and repair
  • Ability to upgrade and retrofit new parts/systems onto client existing equipment - including new winches and remote control systems

Crane Operators

Brimmond Group has experienced knuckle crane operators available for hire for any client onsite lifting requirement. All our own skilled technicians have achieved certificate Stage 2 Crane Operator – Offshore Crane Operator Stages 1 & 2 in accordance with BS7121 Part 11 and are available for offshore deployment.