Brimmond Group refurbishes, repairs and upgrades a diverse and ever-increasing range of marine crane and associated equipment. We are able to repair from the simplest of faults through to full commissioned overhauls in-house at our facility. Brimmond Group can offer improvements, upgrades and design solutions to existing equipment, considered around client actual operation requirements. Our large fully equipped workshop has in-house design and fabrication capabilities.

Marine cranes, A-frames, ROV LARS, winches, power packs and other related equipment used within a marine/offshore environment is subject to extremely harsh sea conditions. We pride ourselves on our quality refurbishment reputation and a full strip down type full repair is typically the more cost effective alternative to a brand new replacement.

Brimmond Group full strip down refurbishment includes all components fully inspected, repaired, upgraded or replaced. Our structured procedures ensure for fast and efficient turnaround with the main objective of safeguarding repaired equipment operates reliably, safely and with an increased lifespan. Full upgrades may include the addition of up-to-date supplementary systems, together with modern safety type devices.

  • Brimmond Group experienced personnel work with clients to accurately assess and explain the level of refurbishment the client budget will achieve
  • Optional preliminary site visit with detailed inspection report to fully assess equipment condition and allowing for more accurate repair/refurbishment quotations
  • Testing and repair a diverse and ever-increasing range of marine crane and associated equipment. Including Faber/Scanreco crane remote systems
  • Full strip down and repair of crane cylinders – including cyl hone, re-chrome and re-seal

Brimmond Group can provide onsite/offshore engineers for six monthly, annual and 5-yearly crane service, inspection/load testing. Our trained inspection engineers collect all relevant certification/maintenance information on the equipment to review. A detailed check-list is used by our engineers to thoroughly inspect all aspects of the equipment. The crane and HPU electrical/hydraulic system is fully investigated and tested to insure all appropriately set-up with any required remedial repairs carried out at time of inspection. Once complete a final load test can be performed using calibrated equipment. Brimmond Group can provide all the necessary calibrated instruments, including test weights and water bags.

  • Six monthly, annual and 5-yearly crane service, inspection
  • Crane load testing – various knuckle boom crane static and dynamic load tests, preformed to client or Brimmond Group specified standards, such as DNV 2.22
  • Winch load testing – in accordance with client or Brimmond Group specified standards
  • Onsite fluid cleanliness testing - We have particle analysers, chemical analysis kits and inline contamination monitors. We also have the capability to clean the system fluid and provide a fluid cleanliness report once complete marine crane and hydraulic power units – checking, adjusting and correctly setting flows