With our 1000 tonne test bed, 500 tonne mobile hydraulic press, 1000 tonne worth of hydraulic cylinders, fluid cleanliness monitoring and diverse range of pressure testing equipment, we have carried out a wide range of various tests for our clients. We can offer quick turnaround solutions or detailed tests following approved procedures written to industry standards. On successful completion of the test Brimmond issue a test certificate and report, with the option of these to be third party witnessed. A few of the tests we have carried out are listed below.

  • 850 tonne (1.875 million lbs) load test - proof load testing of a rider spider in accordance with API-16F.
  • 15,000psi pressure test – 1.5x safe working pressure testing of an accumulator package.
  • BOP shear ram testing
  • 435 tonne (960,000 lbs) tension ring load test - This required the full load of 435 tonnes to be applied over 8 padeyes at an angle of 12.5° off vertical. Brimmond utilised their 1000 tonne hydraulic cylinders and custom designed 75 tonne turnbuckles to ensure the load was applied evenly. The load was measured with strain gauges through each of the 8 turn buckles with a totaliser and verified through hydraulic calculation.
  • Crane load testing – various knuckle boom crane static and dynamic load tests, preformed to client or Brimmond specified standards, such as DNV 2.22.
  • Winch load testing – in accordance with client or Brimmond specified standards.
  • Fluid cleanliness testing - We have particle analysers, chemical analysis kits and inline contamination monitors and we can carry out this testing at our facility or on site. We also have the capability to clean the system fluid and provide a fluid cleanliness report once complete.
  • ROV launch and recovery systems – A-frame load testing, ROV umbilical winch line pull testing
  • Hydraulic power units – checking, adjusting and setting your HPU’s flows and pressures.

"For the flow loop testing, your guys have been really good and helpful, we couldn't of asked for a better support"

John Hunter, Director at Tendeka