Brimmond group have fully trained, qualified, experienced technicians, capable of carrying out equipment inspections globally. Once the inspection is carried out, we provide an inspection report which details any areas which require immediate attention, or areas which they foresee to cause issues in the future. From the inspection report we can then provide a quote to carry out any remedial work required to get the unit back up and running.


At Brimmond Group, we can provide routine serving and maintenance on a variety of hydraulic and mechanical equipment. Whether it be a quick oil and filter change or replacing that leaky seal you have been meaning to do for years, we can help.

For those situations where you require a little more from your equipment, Brimmond can upgrade your unit. For instance, if you require a higher flow rate we can carry out a design review of motor sizing, maximum pump flow rate and line sizing. Depending on these outcomes, we can then carry out modifications to upgrade your unit.


Brimmond Group have refurbished countless hydraulic and mechanical systems, ranging from roughnecks to ROV launch and recovery systems, and pride ourselves in the unrivalled standard to which we refurbish equipment. We adapt to our clients needs and understand that sometimes budgets dictate the level of refurbishment. The following is just some of the equipment Brimmond have performed a full strip down and refurbishment on:

  • Cranes – from 800kg/m to 80,000kg/m cranes
  • 3000m workclass ROV umbilical winches
  • 3000m Workclass ROV A-frames
  • Observation class ROV launch and recovery systems
  • Diesel hydraulic power units, zone 2 and safe area
  • Electric hydraulic power units, zone 1, zone 2 and safe area
  • Deck tugger winches
  • Iron roughnecks
  • Zone 1 electrical equipment – 5 yearly, full strip down, motor rewind, close inspection, recertification.