Our Hydraulic Umbilical Reelers are designed to be safer and more efficient than many on the market. Used across a host of sectors including offshore, marine, energy and renewables to provide spooling solutions for:

  • Subsea umbilical
  • Control Line
  • Hydraulic umbilical
  • Subsea excavation
  • Hose Bundles

From concept to design and manufacture we develop equipment which is safer and more maintenance friendly than any other. Through our teams’ operational experience, we have developed a range of engineering solutions with the user in mind, while also delivering a more cost effective, time efficient and safer package.

We consider every aspect of your project from space accessibility to operational integrity and time constraints. Our teams of professionals will work with you to establish the best solutions, while also offering a bespoke modification service, to ensure your unique project receives the right package to meet your needs anywhere in the world.

  • Hydraulic Motor - Hydraulic input directly onto the brake to close couple our Danfoss 80cc motor complete with dual flow valve with brake release port
  • Gearbox Type - Ratio of 99.45: 1 with torque rating of 10,500 Nm @ 20,000 (n2 x h)
  • Hydraulic Consumptions Minimum flow - 30 lit/min
  • Hydraulic Consumptions Maximum flow - 100 lit/min
  • Hydraulic Pressure Minimum - 50 bar (725psi)
  • Hydraulic Pressure Maximum - 210 bar (3045psi)
  • Drum Dimensions - Core Ø: 2000mm, Rim Ø: 2630mm, Between flanges: 1325mm
  • Drum Speed - Approx 6 RPM at 50 l/min
  • Line Pull - 2,000 kg
  • Control Panel - Danfoss PVG13 drum direction control valve pay in/pay out
  • Safety Features - Umbilical tie in hatch interlock, GRP guards offer protection of moving parts, Failsafe brake system
  • Moving and Handling - DNV 2.7-1/EN12079 certified frame
  • Deck Fastening - Sacrificial weld down plates 2 per side (2 sides)
  • Unit Dimensions - 3260mm (L) x 2220mm (W) x 2976mm (H)
  • Weight - Gross, 8,330 kg