Our Effer 44M knuckle boom crane is compact and rugged. With the ability to lift up to 955kg at a radius of 21.59m.

The 44M knuckle boom crane is ideal for:

  • General cargo movement
  • Work-boat utility
  • Launch and recovery of inspection class ROV’s
  • Salvage recovery
  • Deployment of subsea equipment
  • ROV hanger applications

Its adaptability also expands to subsea, decommissioning, fish farming and renewable projects.

Although our Effer Cranes are designed and manufactured in Italy our teams of specialist designers have the capability to modify the equipment to ensure you receive the right product for your project - ensuring our solution is cost effective, time efficient and safe.

With our team of fully trained technicians, the marine crane can be modified to suit specific work scopes, as well as other areas such as remote controls and large winches for deployment depth.

We consider every aspect of your project from space accessibility to operational integrity and time constraints. Our teams of professionals will work with you to establish the best solutions, while also offering a bespoke modification service, to ensure your unique project receives the right package to meet your needs anywhere in the world.

  • Crane Model: 44M
  • Hydraulic Requirements: 50 litres/minute at 290 bar
  • Lifting Capacity: From 9500kg at 4.2m to 4512kg at 8.95m (on hook)
  • Number of Extension Sections: 3 hydraulic extensions
  • Slewing Arrangement: Slew bearing, 400° limited slewing (can be limited at client request)
  • Slew Motor: One
  • Winch Detail: Winch type - Dinamic Oil/TMA, Winch capacity – to suit model and client application, Winch rope – suit application
  • Controls: Free standing control station
  • Safety Features: Emergency stop button, Overload protection, Anti Two-Block
  • Cylinder Rods: Marine grade nickel chrome plating
  • Pins: Marine grade material
  • Hoses, Fittings & Pipes: All components are suitable and protected for a marine environment
  • Paint Finish: Marine coating
  • Moving & Handling: Skid tested in accordance with DNV 2.7-3, 4-leg sling set & spreader beam assembly tested in accordance with DNV 2.22, Forklift pockets on skid, Sacrificial weld down plates on skid
  • Crane Dimensions: 2900mm (L) x 2040mm (W) x 3000mm (H) in stowed position on skid
  • Weight: Gross 8,500kg
  • Mounting: Direct mount or supplied with skid base c/w sacrificial deck plates