The Parker dual filter vessel unit has various options with 7-12 bar available with appropriate filter cartridges vailable to meet any micron requirements. This piece of equipment is ideal for demanding applications such as:

  • Oil flushing
  • Completion fluids
  • Work over fluids
  • Producing water
  • Pipleline flushing
  • Surface water intake both on and offshore.

We consider every aspect of your project from space accessibility to operational integrity and time constraints. Our teams of professionals will work with you to establish the best solutions, while also offering a bespoke modification service, to ensure your unique project receives the right package to meet your needs anywhere in the world.

  • Design Pressure: 7 bar or 12 bar available
  • Maximum Flow: 18 bbl/min (172 m3/hr)
  • Design Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Volume: 2 x 260L
  • PED Category/module: 2 x 260L
  • PED Medium Group: GR.2, Liquids
  • Filter Elements: 50 cartridges or 4 bags per vessel
  • Inlet/Outlet Connections: 316 SS 4’’ Fig 100
  • Safety Features: Integrated safety railing, ladder and service platform, Pressure relief valve
  • Moving & Handling: DNV2.7-1/EN12079 certified frame, 4 leg certified sling set, Forklift pockets
  • Dimensions: 2250mm (L) 1200mm (W) 2200mm (H)
  • Weight: 1600kg