At Brimmond Group our specialist engineers develop and drive a range of solutions to ensure our clients, and the end user, receive exactly what they need. Our 220kW electrically driven hydraulic power unit has the ability to be utalised both onshore and offshore to provide hydraulic power to a variety of connected equipment including;

  • Hydraulic spoolers and reelers
  • Cranes
  • Winches
  • Hydraulic flushing units
  • Divers tooling
  • Hydraulic driven pumps.

With our specialist team having experienced hands-on work across a variety of different industries, we consider every aspect of your project from space accessibility to operational integrity and time constraints.

Our teams of professionals will work with you to establish the best solutions, while also offering a bespoke modification service, to ensure your unique project receives the right package to meet your needs anywhere in the world.

  • Motor Type: Baldor 300HP / 220kW
  • Electrical Requirements: 380 - 480V, 3 Phase, 50/60Hz (220kW @ 60Hz)
  • Starter: Star Delta
  • Pump Type: Parker Denison P24
  • Pump Output (maximum): 500 l/min, 350 bar
  • Filtration: 90 micron suction, 3 micron pressure, 20 micron return
  • Oil tank Capacity: 1000 litre
  • Oil Type: Goldline HPX BIO 46
  • Hydraulic Connections: Main Pump: Pressure A: 1 ½” Pressure Snap-Tite 75 Series Male (threaded) Pressure B: 1 ½” Pressure Snap-Tite 75 Series Female (wing) Case Drain: ½” ISO Type B Flat Face Auxiliary Pump: Pressure: ¾” ISO Type B Flat Face Case Drain: ½” ISO Type B Flat Face
  • Cooler: Blast air cooler
  • Control Panel: Local: Emergency Stop Hydraulics Start Hydraulics Stop Load / Unload Pressures Remote: Emergency Stop Hydraulic Flow Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic Control
  • Deck Cable: 20 metres (when new)
  • Remote Control Panel: 20 metres
  • Moving and Handling: DNV 2.7-1/EN12079 certified frame, 5-leg certified sling set, Forklift pockets
  • Deck Fastening: ISO container corners
  • Dimensions: 2990mm (L) 2470mm (W) x 2670mm(H)
  • Weight: Gross 10,000 kg