Brimmond Group were chosen by NERC to supply four marine cranes to the British Antarctic for use on a government marine research vessel for biological, oceanographic and geophysical expeditions. The marine cranes that were supplied included an Effer Marine Crane 65000 3SL as well as two Effer Marine Crane 65000 4SL’s.

An important factor in Brimmond being chosen to supply Effer cranes was due to the fact the marine research council had a trusted history with the company. The council previously had older Effer models on their vessel that successfully continued to work in the harshest conditions for over a 25-year period.

Effer build their marine cranes using only the best high tensile steel, specially selected to withstand harsh salt corrosion and oxidation. All steel components are shot blasted and protected with a full marine protection cycle that includes, in models up to 80 txm, a fully automated cataphoresis /cathodic electro deposition. All piping's and fittings are in stainless steel AISI 316 L. The fittings on the hoses are protected through a heat shrinking rubber shield. Cylinder Rods are protected against corrosion with a nickel chromium coating. This guarantees resistance to corrosion in a salt or industrial environment, while the chromium increases the resistance to the wear and tear of the parts and reduces the seal friction. The rods slide on bronze bushing inside steel covers with rubber slide guides, which allow for the disassembling of the cylinders even after many years of use in a salt environment.

Effer Marine Cranes are one of the most robust, reliable proven cranes in the marketplace. The ability to modify models to suit client individual projects is the reason for their popularity with Naval, offshore and marine industries.