Rigrun Europe was chosen by Pride/Ensco to carry out a survey and recommendation report on a drilling rig in West Africa, due to equipment being considered worn, outdated and unfit for use.

A surveyor from Rigrun was then sent to Africa to carry out the sight survey. Once the survey was complete, an evaluation was created which contained full drawings and calculations that stated what equipment was deemed unfit for use and what equipment was needing replaced. The concept and recommendations were then presented to the client, which were unanimously approved.

The equipment required was then manufactured and fabricated at our Aberdeenshire workshop. Each piece of equipment was designed and manufactured specifically for the project and involved thorough calculations and precision throughout, so that all the equipment would be suitable for use in the different working conditions and environment that West Africa has to offer.

A Rigrun engineer travelled to Cape Town and the newly manufactured equipment was successfully installed onto the drilling rig.