Brimmond Group was approached to supply equipment and services for a 12-month project working on the new Queensferry crossing across the Firth of Forth. The equipment and services provided included:

  • The supply of three Effer marine knuckle boom cranes
  • Brimmond Group built bespoke hydraulic power units commissioned on top of each bridge towers.
  • The supply of onsite installation, testing, training, service and decommissioning engineers for the projects entirety
  • A number of modifications and inclusions were required, including load monitory systems, wind speed monitors, and specific winches for wire rope length
  • Cranes stripped at our facilities into suitable sections, before being transported and lifted to the top of the tower and reassembled 220 metres above ground level

The cranes were essential for the handling of materials and the installation of cable strands on each side of the tower pylon.

A Decommissioning process was conducted which involved the stripping of cranes at the top of each tower to allow suitable lift weights and dimensions for helicopter removal. The process included:

  • 3 Brimmond Group technicians were supplied for the entirety of the decommissioning process of the Effer 440M marine cranes.
  • The only method to remove the cranes was by helicopter, this required each lift to be less than 3500kg.
  • Brimmond had to provide an engineered solution to dismantle the cranes over 220 metres high in an extremely confined environment to satisfy the 3500kg maximum lift requirement.
  • Brimmond Engineers designed a lifting basket suitable for being airlifted which had an integrated A-Frame to which a chain hoist could be mounted. Allowing the Effer 440M Extending Boom to be dismantled in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Drawings were also produced by the Brimmond team, detailing centre of gravity and lifting arrangements to support the helicopter air lift team.

“Passing on the thanks from the project director and supplementing it with my own. I really enjoyed working with the team on this one, everybody needed to play their part for it to go as smooth as it did." - Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors Head of Section – Gerard Kiely

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