Brimmond Group carried out major refurbishment works on 3 marine cranes for the Irish navy.

A full survey was initially carried out by our fully trained technicians before being removed and transported to Brimmond's purpose-built facility.

Brimmond refurbishments ensure that the lifespan of the equipment is increased and that it can be a more cost-effective alternative to a brand-new replacement.

The cranes refurbished consisted of an Effer 44,000, Effer 25,000 and a Hiab Seacrane 200.

An overview of works covered by Brimmond Group:

1) Crane Function Test

2) Stripped and Fully Inspected

3) Structural Load Path NDT / Paint

4) Reassemble

5) Final Testing

The cranes were completely rebuilt using replacement new OEM parts supplied direct from the crane manufacturers. Parts replaced included new bushes, pins and bolting. Brass wear plates were also required and were replaced using new OEM parts. On top of general refurbishment, further improvements were made to the marine cranes such as the addition of new centralized greasing systems.

After all crane refurbs were completed, a full test procedure was carried out on our test bed including visual and dimensional checks, dynamic lift SWL +10% and static hold SWL +25%, as well as full engineering reports and certifications being carried out and provided.

Brimmond carried out all commissioning duties with engineers traveling to be onsite at the vessels for the cranes to be reinstalled and a commissioning and final load testing with calibrated equipment was carried out.