With Brimmond Group`s wealth of experience shining with another successful rental project to assist with clients operations in Norwegian waters.

Seeing our equipment and technicians captured offshore is always pleasing and here you can see some of our equipment now commissioned and was successfully signed off by client reps for operational use after a period of yard trials onshore Norway. Although UK based, our team are dedicated in providing suitable and compatible equipment for a wide range of Global offshore projects covering numerous sectors. The package captured includes:

2 x Norksok Z015 certified EFFER Zone 2 440M Marine Cranes
3 x Norsok Z015 certified Zone 1 45kW EHPU
2 x Atex Zone 1 Load Cells
1 x Auxiliary Tank
2 x Hydraulic Emergency recovery system
1 x ATEX Zone 1 Jacking control system
1 x ATEX Zone 1 Data logging jacking load system

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