Working together with our friends at Utility ROV Services Ltd we recently completed a successful mattress recovery project onboard a vessel in the North Sea using a Brimmond Group rental crane package.

Following recovery from the seabed using Utility ROV Services’ Mattress Recovery Tool attached to the vessel crane, we safely and efficiently manoeuvred and stacked concrete mattresses on deck using our own skilled operators.

Our operational experience and team allow for recovered mattresses to be stacked higher and more efficiently resulting in reduced number of port calls and decreased overall project costs.

The rental package provided included 170txm Marine Crane with Remote Control and Pedestal Skid Base, two Stage 2 Crane Operators/Technicians and 45kW electric HPU.

Optional additional tooling available for our rental packages includes Jib Clamshell Bucket attachments, ideal for any mattress debris on deck. Get in touch with Paul Dingwall or for any project orientated equipment.