Our client, Proserv, required intervention and workover umbilical reelers to suit certain umbilical diameters, prevent machinery damaging the umbilical during operation and when spooling in and out. When the umbilical reelers are in a parked position, if the line holding the tool or subsea stab plate broke this could cause excessive pull downwards to the umbilical resulting in a breakage. Proserv needed to be assured that there would be safety measures in place in an emergency situation. Our client required its operator to control the reeler, either from a remote or local location, in an easy and quick manner without any need for disconnecting the hoses or repositioning a control stand. The unit was also required to have an automatic level wind system, allowing controlled, pneumatically driven unspool of the umbilical synchronised with the drum layers.


Brimmond Group manufactured pneumatically driven IWOCS umbilical reelers with the frames and the drum sizes designed to store 81mm diameter and up to 320m of umbilical and the second reeler 125mm diameter umbilical and up to 320meters of length. The reelers have two control stations (a remote type and a local integrated type within the reeler frame). As a safety feature, both controls are unable to be operated at the same time. The synchronisation of the drum with the level wind was achieved using a pneumatic motor coupled with the gearbox fixed to the frame, and pinion gear meshed with the large ring gear fixed to the drum. Also included is an override function allowing fine adjustment in case of umbilical misalignment. Maximum line pull of the unit is set to 90% of the umbilical SWL and a failsafe brake is set to slip at 90% of the umbilical safe working, which provides protection.

Scope of Supply

• DNVGL-ST-E273, Type A, Class R60 Reeler Frame

• Managed by a 2x control panels for controlling

• Drum fully synchronised with the automatic level wind

• Pneumatically driven

• DNVGL-ST-E271 slings set

• Compact design

• Hydraulic control panel with the pressure gauges

• Stab plate connection point

• Platform to access hydraulic control panel