Integrated engineering solutions company, Brimmond Group, recently completed a contract which saw the supply of equipment to aid in the construction of the new billion pound Queensferry Crossing.   

The Aberdeenshire-based company, which specialises in hydraulic, mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, took on the 12-month project which saw the supply of three Effer compact marine/offshore cranes with bespoke hydraulic power units (HPUs) commissioned for the top of each of the bridge’s three 220m high towers.  

The project also saw a requirement for the supply of onsite installation, testing, training, service and decommissioning engineers. 

Alan Glennie, Technical Director for the collective of organisations, said: “This contract was an incredible project from start to finish. Our teams of experienced engineers were working hard to ensure each aspect of the project was delivered to our high standards and on time.”  

The cranes themselves were customised in-house by the company’s team of experts in their Kintore-based workshop. This included the installation of load and wind monitoring devices and aircraft warning light systems, which were required due to the height of the towers and the close proximity of the bridge to Edinburgh International Airport.  

The cranes were placed on each tower and had a 15m outreach, which was primarily used to handle equipment, materials, scaffolding – and to support the installation of the cable strands on each of the tower pylons.

Throughout the project there were many challenges including, time constraints, working at height in a confined space, limited tooling and the requirement of bespoke equipment designed to be dismantled into sections, to ensure a safe removal for the helicopter team.

For nine months, and right up to the last week of construction, the cranes were operational. Now that all the equipment has been removed from the towers and the bridge is opened, Brimmond Group will repair, refurbish and test all the equipment before it is made available for further rental projects or purchase.    

Alan added: “This project has involved our entire team from initial enquiry negotiations and design work - through to installing, training and decommission of the equipment. The Queensferry Crossing assignment showcases our internal and integrated skill sets, and has given us a fantastic opportunity while successfully completing a project of this stature.”  

Brimmond Group, along with its collective of organisations Preffered Marine and Rigrun Europe, offers mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services and equipment covering a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, decommissioning, renewable, marine and oilfield services.