Brimmond Group were approached to supply an Effer 175000-6S marine knuckle boom crane to support a decommissioning project in the UK Continental Shelf.

Brimmond’s marine crane was utilised to manoeuvre and stack mattresses on deck which had been recovered from the seabed by the vessels main crane.

  • The Effer 175000-6S combined with Brimmond’s highly skilled operators allowed for mattresses to be stacked 20% higher, meaning the number of port calls were reduced, saving on overall vessel usage and therefore cutting overall costs.
  • The state-of-the-art crane that Brimmond supplied allowed access to deck space that was not accessible with the main vessel crane
  • The package also included a twin 45kW electric HPU, modular base, winch, radio and remote control
  • The Effer 175000-6S is the largest of its type in Europe for hire, has the ability to lift 5350kgs at 21.47 metres, and up to 20650kgs at 7.08metres.
  • The crane is fitted with the latest technology such as a sea state limiting device, which controls the lifting ability of the crane depending on the sea state · For this particular campaign we had the device set to Sea-state 4 (SS4), which allows operation in up to 2.5m wave height.

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