Brimmond Group completed a contract with a client which saw a 15K Pressure Test Unit provided to carry out a vast scope of work.

The 15K Pressure Test Unit was specially designed by Brimmond’s engineering team to allow for it to operate with mediums including water, glycol and ethanol. The team, who engineer equipment to be safer and more efficient with the user in mind, also designed the unit to work in ATEX zone 1 areas.

The client requested the equipment in order to carryout riser top up and testing, and manifold, valve and well intervention equipment pressure tests.

The turnaround time for the equipment from concept, design and manufacture was 10 weeks, with the final assembly of the unit taking seven days.

This specific 15K Pressure Test Unit incorporates two air driven fluid pumps, one with a high flow rate of up to 25lpm, intended for low pressure testing and filling larger test cavities. The second pump is a high-pressure pump, designed to pressurise the system up to 15,000psi.

It was also fitted with two hose reels, one to store the 20m incoming air supply hose, which has a 3/4" crows foot end termination, and the second hose reel stores a 20m high pressure hose, which has a 9-16 medium pressure male end connection.

Upon arrival and throughout the use of this piece of equipment the client was pleased with the bespoke offering Brimmond had delivered, and the quality of the unit was considered to be of a high standard.