Having worked at Brimmond for 15 years, Ronnie’s role as workshop technician sees him building hydraulic hoses and hosing units on a daily basis, as well as ensuring deliveries are sent out to clients on time.

We caught up with Ronnie to find out more about his long career with Brimmond.

What’s the most interesting aspect of working for Brimmond?

“Building a hosing unit from scratch is definitely one of my favourite parts of the job. It’s very satisfying to be able to stand back and know that you’ve worked on that project from the beginning all the way through to completion.”

What is one lesson you’ve learnt at Brimmond that you have found invaluable to the way you do your job?

“To always take a step back and make a plan. Sometimes it can be tempting to rush into things and just get started on a project. Planning ahead saves you time and avoids waste in the long run.”

When I’m not hard at work, you can find me…

“Playing golf with my friends or piping in my local pipe band.”