“It’s been a blast, here’s to the next 20 years!”

Our Technical Director Alan Glennie celebrated his 20th year at Brimmond this year.

Joining as a service and repair technician in 2002, Alan has been a highly valued team member and experienced leader throughout his Brimmond journey, developing and adapting along with the organisation.

He’s played a significant role in Brimmond’s growth and success over the years and has seen the company expand, move into bigger premises, diversify into new markets, and restructure.

Alan initially served his time as a motor/agricultural mechanic but felt he had more to give. He said: “Both my grandfathers and my family were very creative and could make or fix anything – I loved the fact they could start in the morning with nothing more than raw material, and by the end of the day they had added value to it.

“Seeing the process of them creating something first in their mind, then in metal or wood into an object which then had value to someone inspired me. I felt drawn to the oil industry as I thought this would be somewhere that would respect added value and ideas.

“During a site visit to Brimmond, I got chatting with some people who mentioned they were looking to start a workshop to make and service equipment – little did I know this was my interview!”

Throughout his 20 years, Alan has worked as a workshop technician, workshop supervisor, manager and director. “Every day is different,” Alan said. “I’ve enjoyed seeing the growth of our team over the years.” He’s not wrong, with only eight employees at Brimmond when Alan joined us, to a team of 36-strong today.

Alan’s role as Director includes a greater involvement in decision-making and company direction. His main focus is on the rental fleet and cranes; asset requirements for the rental fleet, introducing and integrating, and crane rental.

“The biggest highlight of my career is being part of the growth of Brimmond. Moving to our 2.5-acre purpose-built building, we now have a home that can match our ambitions and ability.”

Alan is particularly proud to have been part of the new Queensferry crossing project, supplying rental cranes for the final stage of the build, and removing them with helicopters before the grand opening. Alan said: “We can make a real difference to clients’ projects.”

“I don’t think I would have had the opportunities I’ve had at Brimmond at any other companies. It's been a blast, here’s to the next 20 years!”

And we’re lucky to have Alan as an integral part of our growing team!