Brimmond Group were tasked with developing a non-standard pump for Expro’s CoilHose Light Well Circulation System (LWCS) solution to aid the improvement of efficiency and decrease operational costs. Expro’s CoilHose LWCS has been designed to minimise the loss of hydrocarbon production and lower the overall cost of intervention. The chosen solution had to be adaptable to a number of different projects, including acidizing, cementing and water jetting, and light-weight for mobilisation to ageing oil and gas assets.


Brimmond Group developed an ATEX Zone 2, Modular High Pressure Pump Unit, equipped with a 200kW diesel engine, designed to power a triplex plunger pump that is capable of pumping cement, water, glycol and hydrochloric acid. We worked closely with the pump manufacturer KAMAT to develop a pump with a super duplex head, ensuring its compatibility with acids, while a unique sealing arrangement was used to ensure the pump remains leak free. The pump has also been specified to have additional lubrication, allowing it to operate continuously from 5lpm to 54lpm at the full system pressure of 860 Bar. By using marine-grade aluminium for the pump’s doors and panels, engine base frame and tank support frame, the units have a maximum lift of just 5.5 tonnes, making them among the lightest weight, 200kW, fully enclosed pump units of this type on the market. A plug-and-play, modular design – consisting of two parts that can be bolted together– guarantees alignment with maximum craneage capacity. With conventional units typically weighing in at around 12-15 tonnes, this is an important feature of the solution. By integrating low- and high-pressure filters into the design, components that would typically be standalone, we have reduced mobilisation time as well as the equipment’s overall footprint, while making for a simpler system overall.

Scope of Supply

• Each pump unit has a maximum lift of only 5500kg

• Configured with different heads, and with a flow and pressure range from 3500 Bar at 15lpm to 150 Bar at 450lpm

• Safety features including a multitude of automatic shutdowns in response to various low oil pressures, discharge over pressure, engine overspeed and engine exhaust high temperature

• A pneumatically operated wet clutch

• Designed with safety and ease of maintenance at the forefront, with no electrics and a number of other features – from removable panels for access and a removable tank frame, to separate outlets for cement and acid jobs.